Card of the Day 1/20/2015: Let Your Freak Flag Fly (Queen of Wands)

IMG_7293.JPG Be brash. Be bold. Today is not about treading lightly or caring what others think. The Queen of Wands asks that you embrace your inner wildfire and shed the complexities of society's norms. Love who you are with upmost abandon and don't apologize if you're a little too "out there" for those around you. You have permission today to release the free spirit buried deep within you.

How often do you spend your days hiding how you feel or attempting to cover up your true self in order to comply with what others think and feel? While compliance has it's time in place in society, don't ever let it stifle the true you! Today's card invites you to let your freak flag fly! Be a little crazy; you have permission today.