Card of the Day 1/5/2015: Papa Do Preach (The Hierophant)

IMG_7147.PNGToday may be a day to seek council or advice on matters out of your hands. The Hierophant indicates the need to look to more than what we know or understand in order to come to today's needed conclusions. It's important to understand when we're capable of standing on our own two feet and when we need the help of others to decide a best course of action. As you face today's challenges, ask yourself if your judgement calls are enough to propel the situation forward or if a second opinion or pair of eyes and ears could help in your decision making. Friends, family, partners, co-workers, or even trusted confidants on online communities or forums are all people to turn to if you require help in your decision-making process. The Hierophant also speaks to divine counsel, so prayer, meditation, ritual practices, or the wisdom of a spiritual advisor are all suggested to help understand how the Universe weighs in on your needs.

Know that you're never alone when needing to understanding which road to take on matters outside of your comfort zone. Even if you're OK playing the role of decision maker, remember that a wise word or two from a trusted outside source is an excellent way to gain perspective on situations you may be too close or familiar with. A fresh perspective could do you and those around you a world of good.