Card of the Day 1/9/2015: Reach for Your Happiness (Ten of Cups)

IMG_7201.JPGHappiness, fulfillment, love, and contentment are the names of the game today. The Ten of Cups speaks to reaching your goals and achieving bliss, so be sure your energies for today are tuned into accomplishing just that. Think of today as a day where nothing is impossible. The only words in your vernacular should be "I can", "I will", and "Yes", and you should reach for your dreams with love-fueled abandoned.

What have you been wanting to do, see, say, or act on since the New Year started? What have you been putting off while waiting for the "right time"? Whatever it may be, today is the day to tackle it!

Head into this Friday with love in your heart and your best intentions forward. Happiness and positivity attract the same, and if you're willing and able to put those energies out there, they're sure to be returned. Tackle your biggest goals and brightest passions; there's no stopping you today!