Lights, Camera, No Action: Why I'm Saying Goodbye to Video (At Least For Now)


As a new business owner, I try and do everything possible to ensure I'm staying on top of the game while learning as much as I can from the amazing group of peers and mentors I'm constantly coming into contact with. The Tarot community is a wonderful dichotomy of ages, sexes, nationalities, mindsets, perspectives, talents, and styles, and I am truly amazed at all the talent that is out there.

One of my main objectives since becoming a professional Tarot reader has been authenticity; authenticity in my business, my readings, my beliefs, and in the way I approach and present my work .

While I gleam inspiration from many sources and people, I always hope that at the end of the day I can look at my work and feel happy with its authentic and original footprint. While there have been many times I've done this, and on occasion still do, I'm finding that on my quest to lay claim to my Tarot voice I've fallen into the habit of doing and trying things because they've proven successful for others despite not being the best fit for me. While I am by no means stealing or copying ideas and presenting them as my own, I feel as if my goal for authenticity has taken a backseat in favor of "keeping up with the Joneses".

This begs the question: How can I fulfill my duties as a business owner while staying true to myself creativity, spiritually, and holistically.

For starters, I'm taking out what I KNOW isn't working.

Sorry, YouTube, but I don't think we were meant to be. While many Tarot readers have had huge success in the video medium, despite my best efforts I can't seem to make it work. That's not saying I won't come back to it, but for now reading in front of a camera is not something I enjoy. After all, the point of making videos is to show potential clients and fellow Tarot readers my expertise. That gets difficulty when you have to decipher what I'm saying inbetween my rapid speech patterns and having to listen to me say "UM" 150+ times. Can I read in person and articulate my points clearly? Of course! Am I comfortable in front of a camera? Apparently not. Maybe it's a mind trick, but hitting the record button is like walking off a plank, and I'm not quite ready to take that plunge.

That being said, I'm going to make a conscious effort to focus more on my writing.

Writing is one of my PASSIONS. As a proud owner of a B.A. in Journalism, writing has aways been something that comes to me naturally. Sit me down in front of a computer with nothing but a few ideas bouncing around and I can make some real magic happen. Am I Ernst Hemingway or Hunter S. Thomas? Obviously not. However, I am confident when armed with a keyboard or pen and paper, and to me that speaks volumes.

I've had some AMAZING success with writing so far, and since it's what I seem to do best I'm going to keep tackling it head on. Instagram posts, blogging, my newsletter, e-mail readings, copy for my website and other social media platforms; these are all things I LOVE to do as a Tarot professional, so why not focus on them? Are YouTube and video invaluable resources? Absolutely. Are they invaluable to me? As of right now, no. So why keep making attempts at something that doesn't allow me to put my best foot forward? After all, if I can't show people what I love to do in a way that I do well, it's not worth doing. It only distracts me from putting effort into creating meaningful, empowering, LOVE-filled content that I can use to help readers, seekers, and everyone in-between see and understand their own potential for making MAGIC!