Make Some Magic with the Magician

2If you asked me to pick my favorite Tarot card a few months ago, you would have received a different answer depending on what day it was. While I truly do love each card for their own unique personalities and insight, my "favorite" changed from day to day. Some days it would be The Moon, others the Three of Swords. I can always relate to The Fool, and there's something about the Knight of Cups I adore. Lately, however, The Magician has been the frontrunner and his place as number one may not budge for awhile. As I work on defining my Tarot practice and continue my education in reading, I realize more and more what it is I want to give to myself and my clients. To me, The Magician is the epitome of manifestation; taking the tools and powers you possess (both internally and externally) to create exactly what it is you want out of life. Of all the cards in the Tarot deck, this card for me holds the most promise for fulfilling potential. It asks that you take all of the  knowledge, passion, tools, and personal power you hold to create, pursue, and accomplish your greatest goals and dreams. There's a reason it's the first card in the deck; its power and untapped possibilities are just waiting to be utilized to make your life brighter and more magical.

I recently came across an amazing quote:

“Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”  ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is what I believe The Magician can do for all of us; help us believe and KNOW we can do anything we put our minds to. We all need a reminder that we're capable of great things, and this card is the perfect affirmation of that. While all the Tarot cards possess their own power, The Magician has it in spades; take his cue and start making some magic.