Tarot-view with The Color Mage Bernard Charles

Tarot-views is my series of interviews with fellow Tarot readers, artists, authors, and enthusiasts. These people share my love of Tarot, and here I get to pick their brains and find out what makes their Tarot minds tick!

Magical? Check. Empowering? Check. A gifted reader and creator of a unique and beautiful oracle deck? Check.

Bernard Charles, a.k.a. The Color Mage, has everything I look for in a Tarot-view subject in spades, and I am so happy he agreed to share his colorful offerings in the first Tarot-view post of 2015. A psychic and intuitive who uses color as his self-proclaimed "superpower", Bernard shares with me how he uses the power of color to give insightful, empowering readings with his very own oracle deck.

First off, tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from, where are you now, and how did you get there? 

1510488_10152164852787922_723534419_n-e1398809510211It's a pleasure being here, Matt! I am from Northeast Pennsylvania and still live in the area because truth be told this area needs more spiritual love than ever before. With the influx of chemicals and medical quick fixes, the landscape here is jaded by malpractice and injustice; forces I take pleasure in fighting during many of my nightly love meditations. I love my family dearly even though they can be very bigoted and narrow minded when it comes to social diversity and simply the socio-economic structure that our country is based on. Growing up poor and being surrounded by so much chaos, I've learned to find peace within the mess.

Your practice is so unique and beautiful! What drew you to color? When did you first recognize its power and how do you utilize it? 

Awe, thank you for feeling it's beauty. I always been tuned into the energy of color since I was little. I remember vividly walking up this ginormous hill to get to my grandparent's house. And of course being so young, you really do think the whole world is big and unfortunately we lose sight of that perception. I reached the top of the hill and sauntered myself over to their peach tree. I pressed my had up against it's smokey brown bark and felt something. I could feel it growing. When I closed my eyes I could see a very different color compared to what first saw. It was Magenta! A really awesome girly color and I felt so excited. I felt inside me that this tree was a girl and just sat with it as I plucked a couple of blades of grass by it. Since then color, art and my sharp observance for life has kept me in tack with this power source. Now I'm a color psychic who loves eating peaches!

Tell me about the Color Mage Oracle Deck. Is it modeled off other color decks or is your’s unique? Can anyone use it or is a background in Tarot or other cartomancy practices necessary? 

10850296_640916812684365_3073005001963435499_nThe Color Mage Oracle is my most cherished weapon to understanding what color can do for my life. I've used only one other deck before to start my journey but began to feel like there wasn't enough colors! So I created my deck featuring more than four reds, two pinks and a shade of purple. There are 10 unique cards per color of the Rainbow starting from Red to Purple making the total 70. A healthy robust number for spiritual purposes, I feel.  Each color in there has the name of the color which I tuned into my spirit guides and my own personal experience to reflect the keywords that you see on the card. The deck has no book by the way. So, to answer if anyone can use it like a rookie to card reading, I would say no but it also isn't structured like tarot either.

I purposely want people who know they have the gift of intuition or feel divinely inspired that there is something more about themselves to use the deck by feeling into what their higher self is revealing in terms of the colors that appear in a reading or by synchronicity. We are surrounded by so many alternate degrees of color in life that each encounter with a color creates another piece of our individual experience. I've had the deck recently reviewed by someone in Australia and she mentions how it feels like an "action deck" and hearing her say that I was literally jumping up and down in my room, because, yes - The Color Mage Oracle is an active deck that challenges you to use your intuition and tap that universal power source that unconditionally surrounds us! I feel color helps us improve our wardrobe, websites, and own creative blocks so this deck definitely is a tool to open ourselves to the flamboyancy life has to offer. If anyone regardless of their background in tarot or divination feels drawn to the deck then be prepared to give yourself a spiritual workout. Just a minor tip: Daily pulls is a perfect way to use this deck because it will allow you to play with the deck and color energy in terms of the overall predicted energy/feeling for the day. You can work with the colors by wearing it or choosing a crystal to work with for the day and journal your experiences too.

What are your favorite kind of readings to give? Do you utilize spreads or approach readings in a less structured manner? 

10689924_617286465047400_7197216309124285220_nI give monthly forecasts like an astrologist would because I've become really nourished in the aspect of color predicting. And what that is, I can draw up some color energy and anticipate the way the day will feel before it comes or the way a situation felt in the past based on the colors. Just writing this to you, I am blown away by my own gift because all those readings I've done and the dozens of emails I get back telling me how accurate the experience was for them just sends goosebumps along my skin. For the month ahead, the color readings are aligned with the lunar frequency as well as any timely happenings like holidays or fun stuff like "It's my birthday." I get a lot of birthday month requests and it's really fun for those because I love the Zodiac and mention it in my astrological forecasts I produce for YouTube. All around I am just a feely-feely two-spirit trying to splash the monotony out of life - or gray as I sometimes say.

If someone is interested in a reading, how can they get a hold of you?  

To book me for a reading which I do online or in-person, go to www.thecolormage.com/shop and if you wanted free bits of color then sign up for my newsletter or visit my blog www.thecolormage.com

Bernard Charles, registered metaphysician of the World Metaphysical Association actively uses his intuitive abilities to manifest and unleash the potential in every person he meets. He performs intuitive card readings working with color, angels and traditional tarot to see clearly into situations for the highest good. In October 2011, he became certified in crystal healing where the world of gemstones and chakras aligned perfectly in his soul. Little did he know this once perceived hobby would turn into a daily lifestyle influencing himself and those around him to pursue a life purpose. A year after his certification, he later joined an online spiritual community called the Soul Path Tribe where women and men from around the world create twelve monthly goals and practice guided meditations in honor of a Goddess inspired theme. His talents as a card reader were strengthened over the months as he was chosen by the community's founder to produce weekly color card readings for members as well as having a monthly color forecast reading published in The Soul Path Magazine. Bernard's focus and attention on leading a happy and healthy life sparked an interest in pursuing a secondary certification in meditation so that he would be able to share the benefits and ultimately teach humanity how to live a better and more wholesome life. Today he enjoys drinking tea and dusting off his crystal collection. Instagram: @thecolormage