Tarot-view with Magick and Oracle Deck Maker Erick Silvermoon

Tarot-views is my series of interviews with fellow Tarot readers, artists, authors, and enthusiasts. These people share my love of Tarot, and here I get to pick their brains and find out what makes their Tarot minds tick!

Erick Silvermoon exudes positivity. His magickal, witchy, uplifting Facebook posts are filled with affirmations and an attitude of "yes you can!", and his talent for art and the practice of self-love shine through daily.

This positivity and talent are what first drew me to Erick and his Tarot/oracle practice. Soon after I learned he was the creator of his very own deck, the Tribal Magic Oracle Deck. Naturally, I was called to ask him to partake in a Tarot-view, and he graciously excepted. Check it out below!

For starters, where are you from? Where are you now? How did you get there?

Me2I am originally from Los Angeles, currently living in a small town called Merced.  I tend to like the county side of California rather than a big city.  I might at one point move back to the LA area and be a total city yogi, lol.  My fiancé came down to Merced to start a district office for Farmers insurance about 4-5 years ago and I tagged along.

Like I said, really small town but it works for me.  I feel like I am between LA and San Francisco, it’s perfect!

What’s your artistic background?

I have never taken any art classes, I am self-taught.  My sister is an artist; she created the most amazing pieces using charcoal and sometimes with paints.  I would watch her for hours to see how she started and then finished.  It was always a very rewarding experience seeing a blank canvas transformed into something beautiful.  I asked my sister to teach me how to draw and she gave me a cookie sheet and told me to trace.  I traced just about everything from magazines, to coloring books, and even family photos.  At one point I was able to move away from tracing and just free style.

My biggest influences are anime and Japanese manga style.  I use to watch Sailor Moon and draw the characters.  Then I moved on to superheroes.  I am a big fan of messy art, sketches, and unperfected lines.  My style is like that as well, you can see every pen stroke and imperfection.  I find beauty in that.

What lead you to Tarot? Is it something you’ve always done or were you called to it later in life?

I have always been drawn to the mystery of Tarot.  I first got my hands on a deck that was gifted to me when I was about 11.  It was this tiny little thing that looked like it could be for a key ring.  I thought it was cute but never used it.  As I got older and experienced using Oracle cards, I decided to purchase a Tarot deck.  I find that Tarot makes me feel so much more magical than Oracle, if that makes sense, lol.

I love looking at vintage photos and art of psychics, gypsies, witches, and fortune tellers…so inspiring.  I love that with Tarot; you can pick up a card and tell a long and detailed story with it.  There is a strong presence in every card.

For those who may not know, what's the difference between oracle and Tarot cards? How do you utilize them similarly as well as differently?

For me, Oracle cards are very gentle; they are soft in their delivery when it comes to the messages behind them.  They normally focus on the positive side of things and very rarely delve into the deep nitty gritty of the situation.  I use Oracle cards a lot in my practice because of their gentle and very loving approach.  They are very healing and up-lifting.  They are a powerful self-care tool that should be in everybody’s tool kit.  Oracle cards tend to mirror how I feel, my emotions, my fears, and my thoughts.  They are more internal, personal, self-improving, and affirmational.

Tarot for me is raw and tells me how it is.  It allows me to really question things and receive more detailed messages.  Tarot is not afraid to tell you the negative side of things.  I use Tarot when I need to call in my Spiritual Tribe for major guidance.  I am able to look at one Tarot card and receive different messages every time I look at it; with Oracle it usually is the same message and won’t usually differ. You can absolutely use Tarot as an Oracle.  If you are clear with your intent and decide to pull a card to see what you need to reflect on or heal from…let’s say you pulled The Tower, you can ask yourself “Where in my life do I feel I need change to happen quickly?”  “What in my life could use a stronger foundation?” Questions like that, I have found to be just as helpful.

Tell me about the Tribal Magic Oracle Cards. How did you come up with the concept? 

Tribal Magic Oracle Cards is my first Deck that I have created.  I have been looking for a deck of any kind that featured only men. I really needed to connect with the Divine Masculine energy, and being an artist, I preferred to have something visual.  I have struggled in the past with masculinity.   After so many disappointments, I jokingly said to myself “why don’t you just make your own?”…I realized that is was actually possible.

I asked myself what types of images would be necessary for me to heal and to grow.  I knew that I wanted to depict the male form in a masculine but feminine way.  Tribal Magic Oracle Cards are very strong and powerful yet have a sweet and gentle approach to healing and self-care.  I am very proud of them and blessed to have had the opportunity to create them.

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What does the deck have that makes it a different, must for readers?

Being a Gay Man, I would say that having a deck that features only men and other masculine beings is different and special all in its own.  We all want a sense of belonging and to be understood.  This deck has helped me find my voice and my strength as a Gay Man.  I don’t believe there is a lot of Gay themed decks out there, and if they are…please let me know! I have had quite a few woman and straight men say that this deck is appealing to everyone.  That makes me super happy.  I originally intended this deck to be just for me, but once the art work came out to the public I realized that there was a need for this deck.

What do you hope for the future of this deck?

I would really love it if it was picked up and published.  To be able to find it at local shops around the world would be heaven!  It is an absolute honor and a blessing alone to have anyone take notice of one’s art.

I am currently creating my first Tarot Deck that hopefully will be available for purchase in the fall of this year.   

Any advice for aspiring Tarot/oracle card artists?

DGDo not believe that it all has been done.  There is plenty to go around!  I would recommend to anyone that is interested in creating their own deck is to write down the WHY you want to create a deck, WHAT would it look like?  HOW will you put it together?  And finally WHO do you see using it?  It is so important to figure these things out.

I would also like to say that art is, looks, and feels different to everyone.  Don’t be afraid to put your creations out there.  There is a market for what you have and do, but you will not know until you try.  

If someone is interested in a reading or purchasing any of your work, how can they get a hold of you?

You can find these and more on my website www.IAmSilvermoon.com.  You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; just search my name Erick Silvermoon and I shall pop up like magic!

Thank you so much Matt for allowing me to share my voice with your readers.  You are a true Gem, and I really appreciate you and what you do.  Much love, light, and peace to you all!

Website: www.IAmSilvermoon.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ericksilvermoon

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/ericksilvermoon

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/erickgarcia209