Rainbow Pride Spread

In honor of June being ‪#‎pride‬ month for the ‪#‎LGBTQ‬ community, I came up with the Rainbow Pride Spread! Utilizing the energies of each color of the rainbow, this spread helps give insight into particular aspects of the seeker's life, ending with a look at what they themselves should be most proud of. Enjoy!

1. Red - Where you should focus your passion and energy

2. Orange - How your communication effects your social circles

3. Yellow - Your mental process and how you absorb things on an intellectual level

4. Green - Where balance is needed to allow for growth within your life

5. Blue - Where your loyalties lie

6. Indigo - What your intuition may be trying to tell you

7. Violet - How to unlock your creativity and imagination

8. Prisma - What you should be most proud of