Tarot-view with Happy Fish Carrie Jordan

When I was first looking to make Tarot a professional gig, Carrie over at Happy Fish Tarot was one of my very first inspirations. Both her business and practice were smart, whimsical, and down-to-Earth, and she was clearly coming from a place of love for her work and her cards. She also had an affinity for some prolific blogging and writing, so I has hooked right away. Like numerous seekers, clients, and practitioners, I've got to watch Carrie's little pond of cartomancy flourish into a raging sea of Tarot knowledge and influence, and her updates and social media presence continue to help keep me inspired on a daily basis as I myself continue to ride the waves of solo-peneurship.

I'm beyond thrilled to feature Carrie on this latest addition of "Tarot-view." Check it out below!

First off, tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from, where are you now, and how did you get there?

carrie_prisma1I like the layers to this question, Matt! Physically, I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and I’ve lived here many years. But I think you are driving at where I am in my broader journey. I’m just over a year into the wild path of running my own business! In short, I came from a place of playing small. It took some Tower-like energy to crack me out of this, and I’m still learning to liberate myself and OWN my creative bad-assery. Tarot has been a huge part of this process, and few things give me more fulfillment than sharing my tarot work with others.

What lead you to Tarot? Is it something you’ve always done or were you called to it later in life

About five years ago I was experiencing what you might call a quarter-life-crisis. I had just finished a college degree and landed a corporate job. That was as far ahead as I had planned my life, and when I reached that point I didn’t find the happiness I assumed would come with “real” adulthood. I knew I wanted to be living a more expansive, creative life, but I had no idea what that would look like. I was utterly stuck and stagnant.

Around that time, I had an out of the blue impulse to get a tarot deck. As I began studying and playing with the cards, I started having all of these epic realizations about myself. I recognized very personal facets of my own experiences in the cards. This gave me the inspiration I’d been lacking for so long, and slowly things began to get flowing. A few years later, I started my own tarot business and I can’t tell you how right it feels. Ever since I discovered tarot, I opened to feeling a sense of purpose and adventure.

What, in your opinion, can Tarot do and be used for?

Oh my goodness, how much time do you have? Seriously, I think there are endless uses for tarot! When I got my first deck, I used it mainly for fiction writing – hashing out plots and developing characters. As I got deeper into studying the cards, I used them to understand my personal growth and spirituality. Eventually, that extended into providing readings for others.

In my business, I use the cards to help clients reflect on their own growth. I think one of the most amazing aspects of tarot is the way the cards can bring our unconscious influences to light. I know that my own growth and self-discovery is a life-long process, and in my work with clients I hope to serve as a beacon as they navigate their own unique experiences. Technically I am a tarot reader, but I think of myself as a sort of life coach who happens to use tarot as their primary tool.

I love the “sea-life” theme you bring to Happy Fish Tarot. Where does this oceanic outlook for your brand stem from?

carrie_octopusThank you! It’s funny because I didn’t put much thought into this at first but it has developed meaning for me over time. Symbolically, fishes are associated with the unconscious mind and wishes, among other things. I mentioned earlier the use of tarot to bring unconscious influences to the surface, and this ties in nicely to the imagery for Happy Fish Tarot.

Not only are you a Tarot reader, but you’re a prolific writer as well. How do you combine these two practices within “Happy Fish Tarot?” What do you hope writing brings to your practice and brand that other forms of communication like YouTube videos or podcasts may not? 

I’ve been enchanted by the written word all my life, writing is a form of communication that comes naturally to me. I am definitely an avid blogger – I put up posts for Happy Fish Tarot at least once a week. I also put a lot of love into crafting my newsletters and social media posts. I have these waves of calm purpose come over me when I’m writing – it’s a magical experience, really. I’m learning to get this same level of flow into my verbal communication. I do make YouTube videos occasionally, and speaking becomes easier the more I do it, but when I’m writing I feel genuinely in my element. I want to bring my messages to the world in the most potent, clear way that I can. Right now writing is the most organic way for me to do this.

What are your favorite kind of readings to give? Do you utilize spreads or approach readings in a less structured manner?

At the moment I’m having a blast with a reading I’ve designed called the ‘Bad Ass Manifesto.’ It’s a written document tailored to give the recipient a burst of confidence, gusto and forward momentum. It’s unique in that I write it in first person. This lets the seeker read it as a sort of affirmation or mantra. I get a huge kick out of seeing people come out of their shells and be the most awesome version of themselves possible, and this reading is right up that alley.

I do use spreads, I adore them! However, I’m a little bit picky about spreads. I like the positions to be just the right balance of specific yet open-ended. The vast majority of the time I custom-create a spread based on what the individual client is seeking.

Any advice for aspiring Tarot readers?

carrie_2014I think it’s really important to form a personal connection to the cards. Tarot has a rich history and loads of different methods, and it can be useful to study these. But ultimately, I think the real power in tarot is connecting the images, meanings and concepts to your actual personal experiences. I would also say don’t get too hung up on doing things the “right” way. Tarot is ultimately a personal art and you are allowed to have your own approach. As long as you feel like tarot is enriching your life, you’re doing it right.

If someone is interested in a reading, how can they get a hold of you?

My digital home is www.happyfishtarot.com. I’m also really active on Instagram: instagram.com/happyfishtarot and Facebook: facebook.com/happyfishtarot. Thank you for having me on your blog, Matt!