World Tarot Day; or, What Tarot Has Brought to Me and My Cats

I spent all day thinking about what I wanted to write on Tarot in celebration of World Tarot Day, and I think my thoughts have finally settled enough so that I'm able to pick a point or two out of the mass jumble that's been running through my head for the past 15 hours. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Along with numerous adorable pictures of my cats adorned with cards, Tarot has brought me a lot, most of which I haven't realized until reflecting on it.

For starters, it's brought me back a bit to who I used to be growing up.

When I was a kid, I had an unabashed love for all things magical. I had the movie "Hocus Pocus" memorized, and worshiped the ground Melissa Joan-Hart walked on because of her work on "Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch." My best friend and I would spend hours making miniature spell books, and I would always sneak off to the New Age sections of bookstores to peak at the books on Wicca and magick. If Harry Potter had come about a few years sooner, I surely would have been obsessed. I believed in magic so hard, and wanted nothing more than to be told I was a part of a long linage of beings who had the power to transform anything and everything to their will.

What awkward, chubby preteen wouldn't want that? (Hell, what awkward 29 year-old wouldn't want that?)

While the instant-magic of my childhood idles doesn't exist (I do, however, remain optimistic!), Tarot let "adult me" understand that it's OK to believe in my own spiritual practices that share roots with the witches and wizards of my childhood. While my spirituality is ever-evolving, I've been open to the word of witchcraft, magick, Reiki, crystal healing, yoga, numerology, and astrology; all modalities I would have never had considered access to were it not for the practice of Tarot.

If "13 year-old me" could look at " 29 year-old me," I think he'd be blown away at just how much magic there really is out there.

While I haven't found the right title quite yet, I do consider myself a full-time "mystic-in-training" and whole-heatedly believe "little Matt" would be thrilled.

Tarot has also brought me the ability to help, heal, laugh with, and empower not only myself but people from all around the GLOBE! How amazing is that? I've not only read for some amazing clients, but have been lucky to meet and consider so many truly profound readers, lightworkers, mystics, and witches friends, peers, and continued inspirations. The Tarot community and its practitioners and seekers and the brightest, most compassionate, widely-eccentric yet refreshingly-grounded group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being acquainted with.

Beautiful souls are called to these beautiful cards, and my experience with them can attest to that 110%.

Last but not least, Tarot has brought me excitement. I get out of bed every morning and rush to a deck to then spend hours each day thinking about how I can improve my business, reading books or articles on the cards, giving readings to clients and on my social media platforms, and watching hours of YouTube videos of practitioners who share the same joy I do for the practice of Tarot. It's been a long time since my heart's been ignited by a passion for something, and I simply can't imagine my left without the Tarot.

It truly makes me happy, and that's the greatest gift of all.