Hillary Clinton: Scorpion Queen of Cups

I don't know a ton about politics, and the last thing I want to do on my blog is get political. However, as Hillary Clinton is the only politician we have here in the U.S. to make an offical bid for the Presidency, I thought it might be fun to pull some cards and see what they tell us about her road to the White House so far. As she is a Scorpio (which I LOVE, btw!), I chose the Queen of Cups to be Ms. Clinton's significator. Upon performing the First Operation (which you can learn about here), her card was found in the pile representing Pentacles. This tells us right off the bat that the former Secretary of State should continue making issues such as minimal wage, equal pay rights, and healthcare the central theme of her campaign. That's what the people want, and most of all NEED, and she'd be smart to keep any home and family-related issues front and center as she begins her race to the White House.


Card 1 - What's Ahead of Her; her biggest challenge she'll have to face so far The Tower, reversed

When it comes to addressing the Pentacle-laden home/health/family issues, Ms. Clinton may need to shake things up a bit more than perviously thought. It won't be enough to just TALK about the issues; she may need to prove exactly how she plans to address and fix them. It will be less about show-and-tell and more about plans of action while on the campaign trail. Her voters need to have confidence she can make shit happen if needed, so she should strive to show them exactly what she is capable of!

Card 2 - What's Behind Her; any issue she's already addressed and can move on from Four of Pentacles, reversed

As a Democrat going against voters and parties who don't share her view on the nation's financial issues, she's done a fine job of putting her mark on it without letting the issues completely consume her campaign. She knows exactly what needs to be addressed and knows exactly what to say and who to say it to. She may not be waving an "EQUAL PAY FOR ALL" flag at every opportunity she gets, but anyone who has even a slight interest in this race knows who and what she stands for when it comes to the nation's monetary affairs.

Card 3 - What's Above Her; what she knows she needs to work on The High Priestess, reversed

A politician may not always be too keen on following their intuition, but this card indicates that Ms. Clinton understands the importance of listening to her gut and following her heart when it comes to making decisions within her politcal career. While she may not always get the chance, as her position surely pulls her in a million different directions, when it gets down to it, she's most likely well-aware that one of the best deciding factors she has in this political game is her own inner-voice; she is a Scorpio, after all!

Card 4 - What's Below Her: something she may need to pay more attention to Three of Swords

Running for President puts the needs of an entire nation right at the center of all your concerns, worries, and thoughts, so it's natural for her to show care for the people she hopes to lead. However, she'd be wise to focus on herself as well, and ensure that while she paves her road to the White House, she takes time for self-care as well. She won't be good to either party if she ends up sick, hurt, or too stressed out, so should strive focus on her own well-being as well as that of the nation's. She's putting her heart into the campaign, and while it may take a few blows, caring for it will help soften any damage done.