June Reading

June ReadingThe World (Significator), Nine of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, King of Cups, Three of Rods from the Aquarian Tarot


Found in the pile representing Swords, our significator The World brings to attention a need for thought-based action for the month of June. How will you take your ideas and use them to formulate articulate, thought-out, and well communicated plans and actions? We’re halfway through the year (can you believe it?!), and as June 1st is a Monday it’s the perfect time to review and revise ongoing yearly goals as well as put new ones into action. Are you where you thought you’d be, or do you need to reexamine how to get there?

Notice the absence of Swords in these four weeks? Even though our main focus is on mental facilities, the way in which we reach those goals is though work on our emotions, material matters, and our creative will! June is packing a punch when it comes to getting shit done, so let’s dive in!

The first week is about putting our nose to the grindstone and getting what needs to get done done! The Eight of Pentacles is all about consistent effort and hard work. This figure has his focus fixed on his hammer and the task at hand. As the month begins, what do you need to focus on and finish up in order to move on? What work needs to be done so that you can put your mind to rest and focus on who and what’s around you? Use this week to put a cap on those on-going projects and goals so that you can open yourself up to what the Summer season plans on bringing!

It looks like our month is very heart-centered, with both the Queen and King of Cups occupying the second and third weeks of June. Now that you’ve worked on finishing up the unfinished material business, you’re able to focus on what drives you emotionally. The Queen leads with her heart chakra, open to give and receive love and emotional-fullfillment. Nurture what thoughts you have on how to open yourself to what moves you most. What can you attract or manifest this second week to drive you emotionally? Is it starting a new passion project? Giving yourself time for self-love and care? Whatever it is, pay your heart attention and listen to what your intuition is telling you in regards to utilizing your actions to gear you towards heart-centered undertakings. In doing so, the third week promises mastery over your feelings and the ability to combine your passions with your drive to see ideas and actions come to fruition!

The Kind of Cups is fire and water, possessing the ability to take love, emotions, and intuitive inklings and meld them into the powerful ability to master them for the greater good. As the third week of June rolls in, the work you’ve done on the practical as well as the emotional planes will manifest themselves in a grand way. While coming from the heart is still the name of the game, you’ll now have the knowledge and ability to use this heart-centered focus to set your sights on what’s next. While the second week is about self-love, the third week is about taking what you’ve discovered and communicating it to others for not only their benefit, but your’s as well. Use this time to understand what you’ve learned the first two weeks and how you can utilize it to pave the way for what’s coming in July.

The fourth and final week of June will see you setting your sights on what is next, but only if you're comfortable with doing so. As the end of the month approaches, review your progress and be sure all the lose ends are tied up before you set off on your next big adventure. The Three of Rods speaks to seeing your ventures off, so be sure that what you started can carry over comfortably into the next month. Were you able to effectively communicate your ideas in a heart-centered way, or were there some difficulties along the path? Who or what helped or hindered you, and how can you be sure to remedy any problems or take advantage of any successes before moving on? Once you can answer those questions, July is sure to have just as big an impact as June!

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