Tarotview with Tarot and Tea's Paige Zaferiou

When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with anything witchy. “Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch” was my favorite show, I could (and still can, thankyouverymuch) quote “Hocus Pocus” by heart, and nothing made my day more than catching a rerun of “Bewitched” on Nick at Nite (is that still a thing?). I’d sneak off to the New Age section of Borders (R.I.P…) whenever I had the chance, and eventually bought a book on teen witchcraft when I was in middle school (hiding it in my closet…among other things) in hopes of cultivating any and all magical necessities to help me become like one of my favorite magic-makers. Afternoons were spent making mini-handmade spell books, and any art I created always had a witchy twist. While I now understand the definition of the word “witch” to mean a spiritual practitioner and cultivator of energy who helps create the magick of needed change, if you would have told 13 year-old Matt he could grow up to be a PROFESSIONAL witch, he would have probably keeled over in joy. Paige Zaferiou, on the other hand, has made my childhood dream a very tangible reality!

A self-proclaimed “ritualist, teacher, spiritual practitioner, and tarot cardslinger,” Paige uses her gifts as a reader, magic-wheeler, tea maven, and professional witch to help those who seek out her brand of positive, upbeat healing find ways to burn bright as the shiniest version of themselves.

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First off, tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from, where are you now, and how did you get there?

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I have to say, as an astrology enthusiast I feel obliged first to tell you that I am an Aries with a Gemini Moon! And so I love stories above all else -- especially adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and fairy tale stories. I would be hard-pressed to tell you why, except that stories bring me deep, lasting joy and nourishment for the soul.

After living in San Francisco for the last five years, I have returned to the Boston area where I was born and raised. Where I come from is extremely important to me; I identify strongly with the granite strength and spirit of the land here in New England. Honoring my lineage and ancestors is a vital part of my spiritual practice, because they are my foundation -- and a strong foundation makes for a strong practitioner!

I've been running my sacro-magical consulting business, Tarot and Tea, for over two years now. I took the plunge after too many people told me, "you're really good at reading these Tarot cards. Have you thought about doing it professionally?" And so here I am!

What drew you to Tarot? Was it something you’ve always done or did it come to you later in life?

Now that you mention it, my love of stories is probably part of what made Tarot so attractive to me in the first place. Tarot tells your own story back to you; it helps you unravel and make sense of your tangled threads. And when you read for others, you get to step into their story, if only for a moment! I love that.

I came to Tarot relatively recently, after spying the Wildwood Tarot in a shop and falling instantly and deeply in love with the image on the box. It was love at first sight! I turned and saw the box just as a shaft of winter sun fell on it. Time slowed, music played, and we ran to each other in slo-mo. Just like in the movies~

At the time, I was no newcomer to the art of divination. My mother taught me to read the I Ching when I was a teenager, and I enjoyed it, but from the moment I laid hands on those cards I knew Tarot was my jam.

What, in your opinion, can Tarot do and be used for?

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I believe Tarot is like a GPS for your life: it can show you where you are, where you've been, and give advice regarding the many potential paths -- and obstacles -- that lie ahead of you. Tarot can provide an aerial view of a certain situation so that you can make informed decisions for yourself. That's they key -- Tarot can give you information and clarity, but it cannot make decisions for you.

Not only are you a Tarot reader, but you’re a self-proclaimed professional witch! What does that practice look like and how do you incorporate Tarot into it?

For me, being a witch is spiritual rather than religious. I am not Wiccan. I view witchcraft like I view painting and drawing: it is something that I have to do, or else my soul will starve. Just as I can't stop myself from doodling in the margins of papers, I can't stop myself from walking between the worlds. There were times when I thought I was bonkers because of the strange experiences I was having! I had to learn how to manage it; I had to master my craft so it didn't get the best of me. I learned how to set boundaries and protect myself, and I learned how to use my natural instincts, habits, and hobbies for intentional magical purposes. Witchcraft is what I love to do, and I'm extremely fortunate that I can make a living doing it!

Tarot is the foundation of my professional witch business. I offer straight up Tarot readings as well as ritual work and magical mentorship -- and Tarot is always part of any ritual work that I perform, either for myself or a client.

Tarot help me determine if, when, and how to do work for someone. Before performing a ritual work, I do a reading to get a clear look at and understanding of the situation, to see if ritual work can help the situation, and if so what kind of work would be best. This kind of reading, as I was taught by my sacro-magical teacher Briana Saussy, is called Diagnostic Tarot.

Tarot is a very important part of my personal magical practice, too. Every day I pull two cards: one for the energy of the day and one for advice on how best to use that energy. I share that daily reading on Instagram for the benefit of my peeps. I love my peeps!!

What are your favorite kind of readings to give? Do you utilize spreads or approach readings in a less structured manner?

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My very favorite kind of reading is the basic three-card reading I learned from my mentor, Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady. It's a multi-layered reading; I can read the three cards as Situation, Challenge/Problem, and Advice as well as Past, Present, Future.

I love doing this reading because it allows Tarot to do what it does best: give you a clear look at and, hopefully, a better understanding of the present moment so that you can make the best possible decisions for yourself. Generally, I prefer these simple three-card spreads to more complex readings. Otherwise, things can get too convoluted.

If someone is interested in a reading, how can they get a hold of you? 

You can find me at www.paigezee.com and can book an email or Skype reading at www.paigezee.com/tarot. I also encourage folks to check out my free daily readings on Instagram @tarotandtea before buying. Free samples for everybody! Hooray!