The Astrology Spread

I have found myself LOVING Astrology lately. I took a six-week course here in Chicago in the early Spring, and ever since then can't get enough of natal charts, Ascendants, and trying to guess what people's signs are after observing them for a bit. So, what better for me than to combine my love for Tarot and my new affinity for Astrology in a new spread I have aptly named The Astrology Spread!?

To get started, you'll need the following Astrology info from your Seeker: their Sun Sign, their Moon Sign, and their Ascendant (a.k.a. Rising) Sign. If they know they're birth time, date, and location, this info can be found for FREE at Cafe Astrology. Just click on the Birth Chart link, enter the info, and bingo-bongo, your Seeker's natal chart! For the sake of example, we'll use actress Angelina Jolie. Her chart is below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.22.16 PM

Without getting too involved, we can see from the chart and/or table (depending on your Astro-skillz) that her Sun is in Gemini, her Moon is in Aries, and her Ascendant is in Cancer. So, what does the spread look like? Glad you asked:


For starters, pick a significator for each of the three Signs. I use Court cards (Pages for woman under 30, Knights for men under 30, Queens for woman over 30, and Kings for men over 30), but you could use Majors, pips, or any other cards you and the Seeker feel accurately represent the qualities of the signs. Once you decide what they'll be, lay them out as followed:

1. Sun Sign - Who they are. This card represents the Seeker's Ego, who they really are as a person. While many facets go into making up a person's personality, their Sun Sign is a good peek into their temperament.

2. Moon Sign - What they feel. This card represent's the Seekers emotional side, and how they express their emotions. It also shows their inner workings and what may be going on behind the external showiness of the Sun Sign. Think secret motivations and and internal wants/needs.

3. Ascendant Sign - What they show. This sign signifies what the Seeker shows to the world regardless of the Sun and Moon signs; the mask or persona they wear. If the Seeker were to walk into a party where they didn't know anyone, this sign shows how they would act and be reacted to.

Ms. Jolie is a woman over 30, so in accordance to my practice all of her significators are Queens. Since her Sun is in Gemini, an Air sign, her Sun Sign significator is the Queen of Swords. Likewise, her Moon Sign is in the Fire Sign of Aries, so her Moon Sign significator is the Queen of Wands, and her Acsendant Sign in is the Water Sign of Cancer, hence the Queen of Cups.

Without pulling any other cards, we can already get a pretty powerful feeling for Ms. Jolie's personality. She's an interesting mix of Air, Fire, and Water, and while she may come off as maternal and perhaps a little mysterious, behind the Ascendent's mask we have a woman with a strong will and fiery inner-temperament. It's also interesting that her Sun Sign significator, the Queen of Swords, and her Ascendant Sign significator, the Queen of Cups, are both looking in the direction of her Moon Sign significator, the Queen of Wands. Perhaps she places more emphasis on her fiery qualities, and feels more at home when expressing her creative, passionate energy.

Once you have a general feel for the Seeker's personality using the three significators, lay three more cards down (two directly below the significator and one below the other two to make an inverted pyramid). These will be read as followed:

a. - What's helping. Each significator will have a card that represents what about the Seeker's Astrological personality is helping them as they live their life and pursue their goals, needs, and wants.

b. - What's hindering. Which part of this particular Sign personality trait needs to be reeled in a bit or perhaps emphasized more to be used to the Seeker's advantage? This position will help the Seeker understaff what aspect of each Sign could be holding them back and what they can do to fix any imbalances.

c. - Advice. The last card will severe as general advice that ties the first two cards together, advising on how the Seeker can use the many facets of their Astrological Sign personality to help become the best versions of themselves possible!

If you happen to have a Seeker who has Signs in two or more of the same element (say a Water sign for both their Sun and Moon sign) and therefore have Signs that share a significator, simply lay out cards a.-c. around the particular significator in any way you see fit; on either side or above and below are perfectly acceptable examples.

And there you have it! While this spread will be a little easier to learn if you have some knowledge of Astrology, anyone one can get the hang of it with practice. Give it a try and let me know how it goes; I'd love to hear from you!