Thoughts, Tips, and a Tarot Spread for the Spring Equinox

I'm biased towers the Spring Equinox. Not only does it mean that the days are longer and warm weather is eminent (which is something to cerebrate for those of us who dislike the dark and cold of Winter), but it also means that my April 5th birthday is right around the corner. While my natal chart is ruled by Pisces/Neptune, I’m an Aries through and through and my sign and it’s ruling planet of Mars begin their command of the skies starting today.

As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s often considered the “baby” of the other eleven signs. Winter and the rule of Pisces has ended, and as the Northern Hemisphere begins to awaken again, birth and rebirth are the themes that accompany the reign of the Ram. 

This time of the year, as the ice begins to thaw, birds return from their southern sojourn, and greenery begins to show it’s welcomed visage, is the perfect time to declutter and refresh your physical, mental, and spiritual spaces of the literal and proverbial dust they may have collected over the Winter. It’s also a time to look ahead and see where and how you plan on taking advantage of the longer days so you can use them to create abundance and growth that matches the blossoming flowers and greenery soon to surround you. 

To begin, clean up and refreshen your physical space. Take your room, your office, your sacred niche, or even your whole house and dust, vacuum, wipe, and reorganize to help create a clean slate for the new season. “Spring cleaning” is a popular notion for a reason and helps you rid yourself of that which no longer serves you. Be pragmatic as you clean and remove and ask yourself if that pile of old magazines or stack of unworn Winter sweaters are things you need to carry over into Spring. Lighten the physical area around so that you’re able to make room for the abundance you plan to create in the coming seasons.

Once your area is clean, burn some sage or other sacred herbs and cleanse the space with the smoke of the dried plant to ward off heavy, stale energy left over from the Winter. Not only does this practice have spiritual significance celebrated for thousands of years, the scientific, medicinal properties of burning sage are more then enough to give this ancient ritual a try in your Springtime cleanse

Next, pull out your Tarot cards and give them a good shuffle. Once you feel you’ve got them good and mixed up, lay out three of them as such:

Card 1: Seed
What seeds should you plant this Spring to help draw in abundance?

Card 2: Growth
Where should the focus of that growth lay? The Earthly realm? The creative? The spiritual? What area in your life could benefit from literal and metaphorical expansion?

Card 3: Fruition
How can you see this growth through to it’s fullest potential? What actions or advice do you need to heed to fully blossom over the next few months?

What themes do you see? Is there something unexpected showing up, or do the cards help shed light on what you already know? Keep track of the reading in your Tarot Journal and revisit it every few weeks to see where this course of action has taken you.

If you’re not feeling the three-card deal above, simply ask the cards what you should focus on this Spring and pull a single card. What does it tell you? How can you draw advice and action from what you see? Remember that there’s no wrong way to read; follow your gut and you’ll get the answers you need!

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Until next time! Happy Spring!