The Dog Dad Life

Being a dog-dad is hard. 

My boyfriend and I recently adopted quite possibly the world’s most adorable, sweetest, and lovable Border Collie, and our recent days have been filled with laughter, happiness, little to no sleep, stress, frustration, and joy. Our lives have changed in a huge way, and a lot of what I’m feeling is pretty unexpected. 

Meet Lola. 

Meet Lola. 

I grew up with dogs my entire life; my parents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins friends of the family have all had and have dogs ranging from little black poodles to giant, lovable huskies and pit bulls. I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences with these animals and always knew I wanted to have one to call my own someday. That day has arrived in the form of the sweetest pair of eyes I think I’ve ever been witness to. 

While I knew it would be hard work to take in a dog, what’s surprised me the most is how mentally taxing it’s been. I’m constantly worrying if she’s eating enough, playing enough, sleeping enough, exercising enough, going “potty” enough, if she’s lonely when we’re at work or if she’s happy in her new home. My text message in-box is full of queries to my dog-loving parents and best friend and I’ve already taken about 100 photos of her. Clearly life has changed, and I want to make sure I’m doing everything possible I can to make this transition as positive as possible for all the two and four-legged individuals involved.

Naturally I decided to turn to the Tarot for some insight, and below is the guidance the cards offered.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck.

The World
This card was a surprise as it often speaks to endings. However, here it shows that this is where we’re all meant to be, and while things may not easy, ultimately life has lead us all to this moment and now our story can truly begin. It’s a satisfying, comforting card, as it shows that no matter how stressful or uncertain dog-ownership can be, at the end of the day it’s a celebration of life that speaks to wholeness and completion. While many questions and answers are unknown, joy is at the root of this next step. 

Two of Pentacles
Finding balance will be key in keeping this transition on its feet. Juggling work, daily routines, social engagements, and life in general will all now need to coincide with the dog and that may mean a sacrifice or two. Keeping her happy will need to come first, and while it make take some adjusting, will need to be done if we want to ensure her and our happiness. However, this card also indicates that your get what you put in, and as long as patience, kindness, and love are at the center of this furry partnership, we’re sure to be able to do what’s best for every human and animal involved.

Page of Wands
This card is a reminder to keep things fun! There’s so much opportunity for growth in this furry endeavor, and there’s a lot that each human and dog can teach each other. We must be able and willing to recognize the chance to learn from one another while at the same time keeping things playful and interesting. As long as there’s a firm foundation of love and trust, there’s no limit to where this exciting chapter can take us. We must remember to find the spark of divinity in all that we do to help make the most out of the lives that are now permanently connected. 

It’s also interesting that after The World, the last card of The Fool’s Journey, we encounter a Two and a Page, cards of beginnings and youthful energies. This shows that we’re at the beginning stages of this processes and there is much room for growth and learning. It’s clear that that this story is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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