Thinking Outside the Box

In what ways do you allow yourself to think outside the box?

Tarot is a wonderful tool for helping us see things a little bit differently than normal, and it often times gives us a perceptive on a situation we may not have considered before. 

Go ahead and grab your deck, give it a good shuffle, and ask “How can I see things differently?”

What card did you get? How does it speak to taking a step back and reevaluating your current condition?

I pulled the Queen of Cups reversed from the Universal Rider-Waite. 

She sits on a stone throne right on the water’s edge and gazes knowingly into a beautiful chalice. In the background is a grassy hill with a steep cliff, boulders and rocks awaiting at the bottom. The queen is so transfixed on her beautiful treasure that it’s safe to say she wouldn’t notice if someone ventured down the hill and fell right off the cliff, which to me is the message of this card's inquiry. 

How can I see things differently if I’m fixated on just one thing? What good are my talents if all of my energy is poured into just one pursuit? It’s clear that in order for me to look at things differently I need to avert my gaze and open my eyes to the world around me. I should show more appreciation and gratitude for the gifts in my life instead of worrying too much about one particular person, place, or thing. “Spread the love!” If this card could speak, that’s what it would say.

A simple question yields a simple yet meaningful answer. That’s the beauty of the Tarot; it’s power often comes in the form of a message that is both undoubtably profound yet undeniably simple.

Happy Reading!


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