Full Moon in Pisces

As someone born with their Moon in Pisces, tonight's Full Moon is packed full of lessons for not only me, but all of us. There are so many layers to tonight’s heavenly happening, and we can all work with it’s inherent power to help cultivate our goals and potential. 

The Fountain Tarot

The Fountain Tarot

As a mutable Water sign ruled by dreamy Neptune, the energy of Pisces exudes the ebb and flow of a bubbling brook, moving with natural grace through whatever twists and turns it encounters and easily taking the shape of whichever vessel it fills. This sign and those born under its influences are often social, fun, adaptable, most comfortable in the realms of psychic prowess, and feel their feelings with upmost conviction and intensity. While grounded Earth signs may find them flighty, indecisive, or too emotional, Piscians are also compassionate, insightful, and appreciate artistic endeavors while usually having at least one foot steeped in mystical or occult undertakings. While most are at home in daydreams, their otherworldly insights always have something to teach us mere mortals. 

The Moon, as an astrological body and celestial presence in our lives, speaks to our emotions and very basic instincts. Often representative of where we're most comfortable as humans, the moon is the place of magic, intuition, and our inner workings. It rules the subconscious and drives us forward emotionally and spiritually, offering a cooling, watery yin to the Sun sign’s fiery yang. It’s our ability to nurture, and dependent on which sign it’s influenced by, how we go about expressing those tendencies. 

At a Full Moon the time is ripe for celebration as well as harvesting the fruit of the intentions seeded during the New Moon. Workings of abundance or setting intentions of continued growth are perfect ways to celebrate this lunar phase, using its light to see the potential possibility of all that is hidden and unseen.

Below is a Tarot spread perfect for understanding this Full Moon’s energy and how it’s power in the sign of Pisces can help illuminate the way to personal insight and inner power. Simply shuffle and lay out your cards in the following order:

The Fountain Tarot

The Fountain Tarot

  1. Pisces - What can the energy of Pisces teach me?
  2. Water - How should I adapt the energy of Water more into my life?
  3. Moon - What inner power will this Full Moon illuminate for me?

What came to light? Record your findings in your Tarot journal and revisit them the next Full Moon to examine what has passed and how you've grown and learned! 

Happy Full Moon!


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