"Find Your Magic with Tarot" Webinar


I've always been a huge believer in magic, and as my practice with Tarot deepens, I've come to realize that true magic can be found in simple, everyday actions. I believe there is magic in the powers of self-confidenceheat-felt advice and encouragement, and in the manifestation of positive intent, and that Tarot is an amazing tool to help us utilize these innate but oft unused gifts of personal empowerment. 

Join me on November 23, 2015 at 7:30PM CST for a FREE webinar via Google Hangouts on how you can use Tarot to not only divine the future, but to help bring true MAGIC into your life, exploring techniques that can help your Tarot readings truly empower both you AND those you read for!  Sign up below and keep an eye out for updates, info, and more! 

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