A few tips and tricks on how to give effective Skype sessions for Tarot, yoga, and other "face-to-face" e-meets!

Court Cards got you down? I give a rambling full of tips and tricks to help make the exploration of these royal figures a little more understandable!

I tackle the "H" word: healer. Am I a healer? Are you? What qualifies one to be a healer? I ask these questions and look to you for answers!

Do you suffer from Toxic Comparison? See what advice the Tarot has on helping you over come it so that you can keep living as your best self!

My thoughts on why a Code of Ethics is important for any healing arts practitioner and what it could look like for you and your business. Click here to see mine!

I wax (not so) poetic on the Tarot as a teacher for the Human Experience, what it can teach us, and with the help of a few cards, look into how it can go about imparting its wisdom!

Join me as I adventure into the world of podcasting by taking advice from the cards and discussing my thoughts on fortune telling vs. divination!