I had to share with you guys the amazing skype reading I had with Matt. I haven’t felt this comfortable having someone do a reading for me in a long time…I want to even say EVER! I loved his technique and his approach to the cards, fabulous! The energy I felt afterwards was beautiful. It felt lighter and refreshed. I highly recommend him! Thank you so much Matt for your gift!” – Erick G.

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude for this reading. Your words resonate with me & exactly what I’m going through at this time & I feel confident in what I need to do moving forward. Your insight has made me feel secure, & everything now has a sense of clarity. What you are doing is amazing & I can’t wait to have another reading from you! ” Rachel D.

I am a pragmatic person by nature, but I cannot tell you how much Matt’s readings have helped center me throughout tumultuous times. His readings are beautiful, comforting and thought-provoking.” – Ashley S.

“Let me just say this: everyone should get a tarot reading from Matt RIGHT NOW. I have received plenty of professional readings in the past from a wide variety of people, and Matt gave me the most insightful and in-depth reading out of any of them. Not to mention, his services are incredibly well-priced for the amazing job that he does. If you’re looking for a bit of clarity, advice, or direction about any area of your life, check out all of Matt’s offerings. Plus, if you enjoy learning about Tarot, follow his Instagram and blog where he shares his wisdom daily. I’ll definitely be getting plenty more readings from Matt in the future. 111% recommend Ashes and Wine. THANK YOU!!” – Brenna P.

“I was fortunate enough to get a reading from Matt recently regarding a subject that had been weighing heavily on my heart. The way he approached this reading was full of love, care, and professionalism. He is a sensitive, intuitive and kind soul who truly wants to help those he reads for. He was so spot on with everything he said, it gave me such hope and helped me moved forward. I have even gone back to the reading to make notes about what he said and revisit it for motivation. Matt is an absolute sweetheart, I will certainly go back to him for more readings, and I can honestly recommended him to anyone looking for answers they need.” – Tamara  

Your reading and connection to my question was both inspirational and humbling. Your answers resonated with me and I will use these to move my business foward. As a reader myself for many years I loved your authentic respect for the cards and will continue to follow your journey and I’ll be back for another reading. Thank you for your guidance. Blessings.” – Tania G.

“Thank you so much!! I found your reading to be on point and extremely profound! You told me what I needed to hear. I believe you have a wonderful gift. There was not one part of this reading that was irrelevant…Thank you again and good luck with everything!” - Jamie H.

“Thank you so much for the reading. It was really helpful and cleared up some lingering thoughts. My friend recommended you to me, and I didn’t expect it to be so carefully thought out! I was able to understand it so clearly because of your explanations so that’s a big plus. As you said, the more specific the question, the better! Over all, amazing. Keep doing your thing dude, I will definitely be getting another reading some time in the future :)” – Jennifer D.

“[The reading] was accurate, detailed and concise. You were willing to answer any questions about the reading which I really appreciate. Over all the experience was very pleasant, I felt the reading was very insightful and helpful and I have no doubts that you will be of great help to many others.” – Sasha L.

I am very happy with the reading you have given me Matt, and I truly mean this when I say that you have an amazing gift, and thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for doing this for me, Your reading has given me the extra confidence I need.” - Anne B.